​When he enterr into my heart 

His heart filled with fragrance of love 

He sprAys that perfume on me 

And yesss

  I got mesmerized in that 

And never want that fragrance to went away 


That smell faded time to time 

And I ended time to time..

First kiss is a bliss 

“”First kiss is a bliss””

A piece of chalk hits my forehead and again I was caught talking. Not with the mouth this time it was my eyes.

Yes, I was talking with her with eyes. No no it was not love or anything. It was just that she was sitting two rows away from me and what drew my attraction was her new outfit. Red always suited her. I commented her through my facial expression her cheeks matched her top colour.

After the lecture we headed towards that area of my college which we had name “Our zone “.

My heart was already at a pace because looking in her eyes I got to know she wanted to express something, good or bad I was not sure about.

I came bit closer took her hand in mine and just asked

“What is it dear?”. And without thinking anything rushed into my arms as if she was a refuge seeking home from a quiet long.

I hugged her more tightly.

I heard the thoughts in her mind which said:

“I know I don’t deserve you. You can get better than me. I know you also feel for me but I don’t want to ruin your life by being in it.”

My thoughts were wandering to come to any sentence.

But after taking a deep breath I said: “I accepted you as you are. I love your true feelings, I love your flaws. Please stay.”

I could feel her smiling with tears.

I knew she could ask for a kiss but then I was drawn back by fact she couldn’t speak. So I initiated gave a kiss on her left cheek. She was filled with shyness and to avoid an eye contact she again got buried in my arms.

That day I realised, that not only our bodies but even our souls had a “Kiss”…

“”First kiss is a bliss””

Written by my friend Ghulam fatima 

She is simply amazing ..lover her thoughts ..  Thank you 

​You told me to look at the moon

So when you went away 

I always used to look at moon

Ypu know what I see ..

A black spot on moon!!

Which made me remind of you 

Because you are  a black spot on my life 

But you know what??

 A black spot can’t dull the beauty of moon 

So you can’t also dull the beauty of life~faryal

Be the heroine of your life not a Victim!!

She was dead 

Because she became a victim not heroine so she prefer to suicide 


She didn’t thought of anyone 

Not of her family nor of her friends 

I think she raised by him not by parents , taught by him not by teacher   I think she enjoyed with him not with friends I think so when he left she prefer to left the world “

Please don’t do this with yourself and with your family don’t be a victim  you spend your whole life with your parents friend not with a guy if he hurts you don’t be sad be happy that you leave him on time its not too late to start a new life 

Every single minute is a good omen to start a life to change your life 

  “Beautiful girl you can do hard things

If he try to harness you fight against him be a heroin don’t be terrified 

Believe me you can do this 

be a heroine not a victim of your life”

Always think in positive way 
Life give you a chance 

Be brave not afraid

Be heroine not victim

Be famous not unknown 

Be beauty not beast 

If life give you a chance
People will try to push you back even the girls also because they may feel jealous of you , but you should try to be a example for them 

Try to inspire them so they also may not be a  victim person  

As if you can set as a example of bravery they can also set a example of victim 

And nothing could be destruction than this 

Don’t be a bravery just to become a famous do it for your own pleasure  

And I promise you nothing would be more pleasure than this .. 

I hope you understand

I wish you do it

I hope you try 

I wish you get pleasure

I hope you’re ready

I wish you win 

I hope u know the journey 

I wish you reach the destination

I hope you don’t push back yourself

I wish you get success 


I don’t wanna go back in time and don’t wanna change everything 

Because the mistakes I have made in that time help me out to grow up 

Help me to build my soul 

And pushed me toward success .So I don’t wanna go back in time and don’t wanna change everything