I was lost 🎀

​I was lost

Totally lost 

But at some point 

Thought stuck in my mind what I am doing 

This is what I am doing ??

Yes then I start new turn in my life 

Totally new life with old people with old stuff 

Just add a new friend in my list 

“The God” 

This new friend help me a lot to start new life with old people and with old stuff

People start calling me conservative I don’t know why  becoming friend with God is conservative?? 

But to be honest I don’t care about people thoughts 

And I advised you too  just spend few minutes with God in whole day your life become balanced totally balanced you know it helps you too do good things .The spirituality in you helps you to spend a balanced life with easiness .It build patience in you  and  generosity too  and being generous and Patience’s is not to be fool it betters your communication with society and this lead you to success 


5 thoughts on “I was lost 🎀

  1. As salt resolved in the ocean
    I was swallowed in God’s sea,
    Past faith, past unbelieving,
    Past doubt, past certainty.

    Suddenly in my bosom
    A star shone clear and bright;
    All the suns of heaven
    Vanished in that star’s light.
    -(Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī)

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  2. mazilein milegi bhatak ke hi sahi
    gumrah toh woh hai jo ghar ke bahar nikle hi nahi !!
    You’re talented!
    I’m relatively new here , just 2 posts old . I have a lot of poetries to post , so it would be great it you could check out my work too .THANKS !!

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