Career goals ..

​Career goal is the best thing you ever dream about.many people dream about career a successful career may be there is a thrift of money fame or anything else but whatever successful career or life is something that everyone had dream about . Sometime I wonder about the people  who don’t have career goal .They said that you get disappointment at the end. What kind of thought is this ?? Like if you can’t do this then please don’t make lame excuse.

Every night I dream about my successful career

For example if you have to die one day then why you eat food to live or for enjoyment  . Similarly  career goal are the food for me which I want to eat to live or for enjoyment  though I will die at the end or get disappointment at the end. I can’t do 9am to 5pm job or didn’t want to earn 50k to 1 lac . I want to do something different in life with my own efforts.

So do you have any life goal or not ? 

Story full of lesson !!

And the award goes to

“Aleena “

She step forward with pride gait .When she holds the trophy.

Trophy Looks alike her image because her dress accessories matched with trophy style .And she do it intentionally. Because she knew that she will gona won it so she wanted her dress jewelry clutch matched with theme. 

She was perfectionist.

Her journey went on & she went with pride. She won many awards titles and many more thing .On every event her style from head to toe matched with theme because she knew that she will gona won that awards and she was right her destiny was with her all the time .

On every occasion when she called on the stage to accept another success for her cupboard. She step forward with smile that mysterious smile  and take the award and just say thank u nothing else

One of her interview she was asked about the same question

“Why don’t you thank to God your parents your friends ..Why you just say thank you ?? “

There was smile on her face A mysterious smile

“Today I am sitting I front of you and won many awards fame just all because myself my hard work so why should I gave my hard work success to other” she replied

All. Were stunned there

She was in her dressing room and going to be ready for award show .She was nominated for her latest film but the fact cannot be denied that it was her last film as young actress .No doubt film was hit..

She was ready

“Everything was same but there is something different ,” her maid thought and she revealed her thoughts on her She smiled again that mysterious smile

Her memory of teen flash back on her mind

It was her 16th birthday and she told her mother to buy a doll for her .Her mother told her that

You are 16

“It’s not your time now”

Her car horns she came back from her memory and replied to her maid

“It’s not mine time now”

And went away with pride gait .She again stunned everyone it was her quality .She knew that it’s not her time now to get a doll on stage .So how many doll she wants she get it before it’s not her time

“Her mother taught her a lesson of life “

Your memory !!

Your Memory  tickels me at night 

 when the moon is  above my window whispering with  the stars 

Your memory stroke me in spring

When the beauty of Rose is about to bloom 

Your memory excites me passionately at time

when I try to unlove you and fail.~faryal